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Trying the 4u2 palette and MAC 180 brush

Since it's Good Friday and I've nothing better to do, I decided to try my 4u2 matte palette.

The eye shadows tend to be a bit powdery but not as much as the Coastal Scents palette, which I really don't mind since the color payback is great. The 4U2 palette is definitely a bang for you buck. I think I might get the Impressionist palette next time.

Now I completely forgot about my MAC haul last Saturday. I got a few stuff from a reputable seller (recommended by my teacher) who sells MAC items at a cheaper price (limited stocks). I decided to get the MAC charged water, powder blush in Eversun and the 180 brush.

I almost did not get the MAC 180 brush but my teacher highly recommended that I buy it. and she was right!

The MAC 180 brush (discontinued) is a small buffer brush good for... guess what? buffing. haha Seriously though, I was hesitant to buy this at first because I was thinking that I could just use a big fluffy brush to do the work. But alas, my teacher was right. This brush provides an excellent coverage and what's best is that it is REALLY, REALLY soft. It's so soft that I could fall asleep brushing it to my face. Lol.

The downside? None really. I would've preferred it if it didn't have white bristles but that's just a minor detail. Also, the packaging is so tacky. It comes in a thin plastic tube. I could easily sit on it. But I think the brush could fit in one of those sturdy cotton buds' tube containers.

All in all, the brush was definitely a good buy. :)


- - aika - - said...

wow thats pretty :D

Care G. said...

oooh 180! pretty pretty pretty. :)

MaryJoyce said...

the Kim K. brush =)
May i ask how much is it? i know its discontinued na in US, buti PH carries it pa

Steph said...

mary joyce, i bought it for Php 1200 only! its not available here. i think the seller just had stocks of it which she was able to buy before it was discontinued ;)

MaryJoyce said...

Can i have your email addy? i have a few questions i want to ask.. Is it okay? Thanks a lot!

Steph said...
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