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Crown Brushes

I first heard of Crown brushes from Vanessa's blog. The reviews I've read on the internet say that their brushes are cheap and have good quality. So the sucker that I am, I ordered a few brushes to try out.

Studio Series
Taklon Liner #2
Round Contour
Large Foundation #1
Bent Liner

Italian Badger Series
Round Tapered Crease
Deluxe Crease

Luna Series
Blending Fluff
Round Crease
Mini Lash Fan
Sable Eyeliner

And I finally got my order today!

I don't know why I ordered mostly eyeliner and crease brushes. I should have at least tried other face brushes. I still have to wash it but my first impression is that the brushes are soft. If there's one brush in the lot that I can't wait to try, it would be the Italian Badger Deluxe Crease brush. It's head is kind of similar to MAC 217. (I just washed the 217 brush that's why it looks like that)

I can't really say much about the brushes because I have yet to try it. But this purchase definitely made me a happy camper. (Most of the brushes cost around $1 -3, except for the large foundation brush which costs $6) :)

Crown Brushes are available online. I'm not so sure though if they ship internationally.


Askmewhats said...

wow you got yourself crown brushes :) good for you! :)

Crystal said...

whoa! how did you get your hands on these?

Care G. said...

it's the same as the coastal scent's italian badger brush no? I have that one, and by looking at it, it looks awfully similar. :)

Steph said...

nikki: thanks! i was really curious about crown brushes. :)

crystal: i had my cousin from the states order it for me using my credit card. and fortunately, a relative went home so i was able to have it sent here. :)

care: yes, it seems like it. how do you find the brush? anyways, i read somewhere that crown supplies brushes to coastal scents. :)

Fabuless Beauty said...

Let us know how you like them.

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