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BKK haul: Gino McCray eyeshadows and blush

A friend of mine went to Bangkok the other week so I googled for makeup brands I can try. I went to Bangkok once but back then, I wasn't that interested as I am interested in makeup now. One brand that called my attention was Gino McCray. I only found a couple of reviews about it but it was enough to pique my interest to try it. I decided to have my friend buy me 4 eyeshadows and 1 blush. I only gave him the number codes, which I wasn't really sure if it was the colors I wanted. I originally wanted a shade in white, yellow, brown and blue. Apparently the number codes that I gave my friend corresponded to brown, gold, black and blue. Not bad, though.

So I got the following:

Gino McCray Benefique Blusher in 06 Lush Raspberry
Gino McCray Pro Make-up Eyeshadow in 02 Black Charcoal
Gino McCray Pro Make-up Eyeshadow in 03 Deep Sky Blue
Gino McCray Pro Make-up Eyeshadow in 10 Wheat Gold
Gino McCray Pro Make-up Eyeshadow in 12 Golden Brown

What the products say:

Gino McCray Benefique Blusher
Gino McCray Benefique Blusher offers the best way to give cheeks color that look natural and fresh. This luxurious blusher glides on smoothly and effortlessly for a soft, youthful glow.

Gino McCray Pro Make-up Eyeshadow
A soft and sily formula that illuminates your eyelids and enhances your natural eyecolor. Gino McCray Pro make-up eyeshadow brings back dimension to your eyes so they look refreshed all day long.

My verdict:

The Blusher is a nice sheer shade of raspberry with a hint of shimmer. I like it because as what the product claims, it glides smoothly and gives a natural glowy finish. I am definitely interested in the other shades.

As for the eyeshadows, I was surprised on how pigmented they were, especially the blue one! The eyeshadows are shimmery and unlike cheap brands, it is not powdery. The colors glide smoothly and are easy to blend. I love it! I just wish I got to try the yellow and white eyeshadows.

L-R Blusher in Lush Raspberry, Eyeshadows in Golden Brown, Wheat Gold, Deep Sky Blue and Black Charcoal

All in all, this was a good buy for the 135 Baht (Php 183) blush and 148 Baht (Php 200) eyeshadows, which all go a long way by the way.

Gino McCray products are available at Cosmeda Shops in Bangkok.


- - aika - - said...

wow super black ba yung black charcoal? and matte? i like :D

Steph said...

hi sis! yes super black talaga siya. in the pan, it looks like it has a bit of shimmer, pero when applied it looks matte pag nabuild yung color. :D

- - aika - - said...

is it available here?

Steph said...

sadly, no. its only available in bangkok :(

teeyah. said...

WOW! Must try! :)

Askmewhats said...

wow..a new brand!!! Thanks for sharing!

TheShadesOfU.com said...

Hi girl, I LOVE your blog's name! I'm loving the eyeshadows, they do look very pigmented.

susu said...

how to use Gino pro make up

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