10:08 AM

Yet another blogger giveaway!

wow! a lot of bloggers have been generous these past few days, holding contests and giveaways for their readers. Anyways, PINKFISH PIE is holding one herself and it involves these fabulous giveaways.

9:26 AM

PCD Doll Domination 09

I was lucky enough to watch the PCD concert front row (well almost, save for a few heads in front of us). The concert was held at the SM Mall of Asia grounds, which meant we would be standing the entire time. I got 2 VIP tickets and 3 gold tickets. I ended up inviting two friends, my mom and my sister. I tried to video the entire concert but ended up with punch-drunk videos due to the camera shake, save for one which I think is bearable to watch. LOL.

8:54 AM

Another Blogger Giveaway!

Get a chance to win this fabulous giveaway courtesy of My Sweet Fix.

Giveaway includes:

  • Beauty Credit Greentea Yellow Soil Mousse Pack and Lipgloss (good dupe for MAC Dazzleglass)
  • Lush soap in Snowcake
  • Half of the full size jar of MAC Mutiny Pigment
  • French Manicure Set

+ A Surprise MAC product and other makeup/skincare related items!


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MAC Giveaway

Want to be one of the 3 lucky winners to get one of these lovely MAC products?

MAC Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks
Brand NEW
Very pretty pink with violet sparkles

MAC Blush Pro Pan in Sincere
It's matte and very versatile. Other than subtle blush it can be used for contouring

MAC Style Warrior Lipglass in Gold Rebel
Brand NEW

Check out Narita's blog.


10:02 AM

Contest Entry - Being Filipino

Mszcheysser is having a contest just for her Philippine readers. I decided to enter since the concept is interesting plus I've nothing better to do because it's been raining crazy the past two days. Anyways, on to the contest...

5 things about being Filipino. You are Filipino if...

1. You have strong family ties

You know the saying that blood is thicker than water? Well it certainly rings true to Filipinos. Filipinos, in general, have strong family ties. One household may include the father, mother, children, grandmother and grandfather. In some cases, even siblings of grandparents, or even the aunt or uncle. In the province, your grandparents will probably tell you that you are related to about every person you meet there.

2. “Mano po”“Mano” is a basic Filipino custom to show respect to the elders done by placing the back of the hand of the elder to the forehead of the one paying respect.

3. Using the term “Comfort Room” instead of Restroom

A funny thing happened to me. I was shopping with my cousins at Macy’s and I badly needed to go to a restroom. I approached one of the sales clerks and asked where the ‘comfort room” was. The lady stared at me blankly, looking confused. I asked again, this time using the term “rest room” and she burst out laughing, telling me that she was already thinking that I was referring to some weird place.

4. You have the biggest luggage in your flight, and may even include a humongous carton box called the "balikbayan box"

What can I say? Filipinos are very, very crafty. Since airlines have certain baggage allowances, what better way to take home your "pasalubong" or presents than to fit it all in a carton box. You'll be surprised how much stuff can fit in that box. Haha.

5. You eat “balut”
Unfortunately, I haven’t eaten one yet. But a balut is a Filipino delicacy which is an undeveloped duck egg.

And to end this entry is my look consisting of the Philippine flag's colors