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On Makeup Schools

Since Crystal asked me regarding make-up school, I decided to make a post about it. I know its frustrating researching and choosing the right school for you. Believe me, I've been there. I actually think that I was not able to know enough about the different schools offering make-up artistry classes here in Manila. Lol. But before I go into details, let me just clarify that the contents of this post are solely based on my opinion. I do not intend, in any way, to advertise or even criticize other schools.

I wanted to take make-up classes since about a year and a half ago. My dad, who I am expecting to shoulder some of my expenses, disapproved of it. I think it was primarily because he had the notion that make-up application should be left to the salon or what not. Anyway, I was so frustrated then because I really wanted something to keep me busy. So I decided to take fashion photography classes, which my dad was more than happy to sponsor. I had fun. It kept me busy for awhile but at the back of my head, I knew I still wanted to take the artistic make-up classes. Bottom line is I was able to convince my dad to help me with my expenses in makeup school.

One of the photoshoots I did
Model: Hazel Reyes
MUA: Tricia Roxas
Designer: Mr. Danilo Franco

So my next dilemma was where to enroll. I did a bit of research and ended up with a short list of schools offering Make-up artistry classes here in Manila:

1. Lasalle College International

- 7 sessions, held every Saturday
- provides OJT / apprenticeships

Location: Penthouse, G.C. Corporate Plaza, #150 Legazpi St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
Contact Number: 840-1543
Tuition Fee: 14,500, exclusive of materials
Teacher: Rb Chanco

2. Center for Aesthetic Studies (CAS)

- formerly Franck Provost
- 108 hours, they have Saturday classes, estimate of 3 months duration

Location: 120 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air Village Makati City
Contact Number: 897-0383
Tuition Fee: Php 26,000+ (last I was informed), inclusive of uniform
Teacher/s: Mari Wild, Jen Delica, and Bo (I'm not sure of his last name but he's the one handling the current batch)

3. Maquillage Professionel

Location: Makeup Forever, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Contact Number: 856-5243
Tuition Fee: Php 30,000 - 33,000 (Correct me if I'm wrong, I think they have 2 modules)

* for those interested, Care is taking the course here. :)

4. School of Fashion and the Arts (SOFA)

Location: 55 Paseo de Roxas Ave, Makati City
Contact Number: 4915536
Tuition Fee: Php 15,000, exclusive of materials
Teacher: Xeng Zuleta (I think the next batch will be turned over to RB Chanco)

5. Basement Academy

Location: Basement Salon, Ground Level, Carpark Building, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, EDSA Corner Shaw Boulevard
Contact Numbers:
510.2533 / 638.2033
Tuition Fee: 18,500, inclusive of models

So there. Obviously, I chose the first school on my list. I am on my 5th session this coming Saturday. I chose LCI for the following reasons:

1. It fits my budget
2. I took my photography classes there and I liked how accommodating the staff were
3. RB Chanco handles the class. She's the first Filipino to be a certified MAC pro artist though she's not with MAC anymore.

RB, my model marga and I from our 3rd session

So how do i find my classes so far?

I am having a blast! I was lucky to be a part of the smallest batch in LCI history. They normally have a minimum of 10 enrollees in a class. It could reach up to 17 students and the school would hire an assistant for RB. We're only 6 in our batch. So that means a more focused set-up in teaching. Since we only have 7 sessions, I've already expected that lessons will be crammed in one session (but nothing you can't handle just as long as you pay attention). We do lectures and hands-on simultaneously. The 7 sessions are supposedly a whole day duration. RB decided to cut it into half and then allot the remaining hours for on-the-job-trainings / apprenticeships. So you really get to learn a lot.

As for the expenses, I guess the most painful part in this ordeal is shelling out for your materials. Haha. But what the heck, it's an investment (if you're planning to pursue makeup after). A good thing about our class is that RB suggests brands of make-up to use ranging from low, middle and high end cosmetic brands.

I have a friend who is also taking make-up classes but she's enrolled in CAS. A major advantage they have is time. Time provides them the opportunity to have a comprehensive program. (and the tuition says it all lol) According to my friend, they have classes every Saturday for one whole day. First half of the day is lecture and the second half would be hands-on.

All in all, I couldn't and wouldn't complain. RB is a great teacher. She knows how to simplify the lessons so it would be easier to take in. But I tell you, 7 sessions is a reaaaaaallly short time. It passess so quickly. I still can't believe I'm about to take my 5th session.

As for the make-up schools, I think they all provide a good program. The key is to find a school you're most comfortable with. You can actually visit and "sit in" in the classes.

I believe that it all boils down to passion in what you're doing. It's like going to college. Regardless of what school you came from (though it does add to your resume haha), the fundamentals when you go out in the real world are hardwork, passion, and heckload of experience. I do believe those are the key factors to success. :)


Askmewhats said...

wonderful post! Im sure this is super helpful for people who wants to study makeup!!! :D

teeyah. said...

WOW!! You really did your research, huh. And I learned a lot! I used to hear about LCI lang and CAS! Great post, honey! I wish I had the luxury of time to take up make up classes. You're lucky!

Crystal said...

wow steph thanks for doing this for me! i'm really interested in going to a makeup school but i don't have the budget and time for it right now. but i'll try to look find time for it!

Steph said...

nikki: thanks! :)

teeyah: thanks! haha i know! it wasn't easy researching for the schools though. I didn't find much info in the net.

crystal: you're welcome. that's what I said before. but a year and a half later, ive come up with the resources to take the course. goodluck and have fun! :)

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